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The Gift of Christmas started out as The Spirit of Christmas. As the album progressed, Brian Gilbertson's vision for the album developed. He had managed and creatively directed the Adelaide Christmas Pageant for 20 years following 20 years as an operatic tenor. In 2020 and 2021 he had to direct the Pageant as an Arena Spectacular in the main football stadium due to Covid. This caused him to pause to consider the power of Christmas and the Pageant itself as part of the significant community who supported it with such passion. He considered the metaphor for Christmas. The "giving" of birth. A birth honoured by so many. Wasn't the message therin to honour every birth? If we honour every child the same as we honour the child born in Bethlehem, there would be peace in every heart and then the gift of Christmas would light every corner of the world. The Gift of Christmas is the title track andalso a new Christmas song with music by Quentin Eyers and lyrics by Quentin Eyers and Brian Gilbertson. The arrangement and orchestration is also by Quentin as are all songs on the album.

10 The Gift of Christmas

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